Two Unknown Nvidia GPUs Spotted With Insane Core Counts

Twitter user @_rogame has shared his discover of two test results for very interesting Nvidia graphics cards that seemingly pack an enormous amount of cores and memory.
The first graphics card allegedly features 118 Compute Units (CUs), which is equivalent to what Nvidia calls Streaming Multiprocessors (SMs). Assuming that Nvidia retains the 64 CUDA cores per SM setup for its next-generation products, the unknown graphics card should have 7,552 CUDA cores. The graphics card is listed with a 1.11 GHz base clock and 23.8GB of onboard memory.
The second graphics card reportedly sports 108 CUs, amounting to 6,912 CUDA cores. The graphics card ticks with a 1.10 GHz base clock and has 46.8GB of memory at its disposal.


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