[Troubleshoot] What should I do for a noisy hard drive?


Hello members,

My main HDD has been very noisy for some time. It makes a rather audible rumbling sound. At first, I thought I hadn’t mounted the drive properly in my drive bays, but I’ve switched to a case with tool-less drive bays (Corsair 300R), and I can still hear it.

Anyone have a solution?

Back up your data and get off that drive. Hard drives are cheap these days and it is better to do an orderly migration than a disaster recovery.


I had the same noise. And there are a few chances it might break. But after like 10 months the noise stopped, it was slow ‘gr gr gr’ noises. When I went to buy ram, the shopkeeper heard the noises of harddrive and said it might break, and we need to fix it.
So I did say I will buy SSD later, but I didn’t really, and the noise is also gone.
I just used it everyday, because I watch Netflix, games and stuff.