[Troubleshoot] Only 1 Fan on my GPU is spinning


Hello members,

I’ve had my build about 10 months. I just realised that only one fan is spinning on my 1660 Super at ~47C. Is there a temperature at which both fans kick in or does this seem like a fault?

Thanks in advance

Some GPUs only spin up their fans once it gets too hot. My 3080 does that. Normal use, no fan spin. Rendering a 3D image, fan spins up. It’s a common thing now days. Some PSUs do the same thing too.

Try running furmark or any other GPU stress test and check the temps if at higher temps the fan spins then it might be feature what @Tushar22 mentioned.

My guess, 1660 super is not a product where manufacturers might include this feature. This feature is mostly silence oriented and it’s a feature that is generally advertised and you will easily find details on website.

Last option contact the company and get more info.