[Troubleshoot] My New RAM isn't running at Full Speed


Hello members,

So ive just finished building a new PC but when I go into BIOS it says my RAM is running at 2400 MHz even though according to ASRock the MOBO can run 3200 HMz… Is there something I have to do within BIOS to unlock the full potential of my PC or is there something even more basic than this?

PC Specs:
ASRock Fatality B450
Ryzen 5 2600
Nvidia 1650
16GB Corsair Venegeance DDR4 3200 MHz RAM

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3200mhz is the XMP speed (overclocked speed). In your bios you would enable the XMP profile to make the memory run at those overclocked speeds. There is no guarantee they will work tho. If they dont then entering the values manually in the bios sometimes help or entering values close to the XMP.

Trial and error :slight_smile: For example my 3333mhz 4x16gb sticks can only run at 3000mhz but I have been able to tighten the timings a lot. This is in a Taichi x470 board.

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