[Troubleshoot] My GPU clock speed keeps fluctuating


Hello members,

I have:

  • Nvidia GTX 1660 Super
  • Ryzen 5 3600
  • Corsair 2x16gb 3200ghz Ram
  • 650w power supply

The GPU clock speed sits at ~1935mhz non oc, When playing games with MSI afterburner open, I notice the GPU Clock speed will sometimes dip down to 1900 or so. At the same time, I watch the GPU utilisation on my game drop below 98% down to say, 92%. It usually goes back up.

I watched a person play flight simulator and noticed that even when their utilization was 92% that their GPU clock speed was still 1935mhz.

Any reason why mine is doing this? Or if it’s normal?

It’s normal , running at constant frequency isn’t exactly easy there are many factors that come in

Game being Played , every game has it’s own set of requirements , not every game is meant to push GPU to its limits and it can’t due to the fact that loads in most games aren’t constant at all , they keep rising and dripping constantly. Slight temperature spike can drop down clocks as well

Possibly GPU hitting almost 100% making it think temps need to be lowered and maybe lowering clock speeds too

Soo it’s normal nothing to worry about

If you’re playing Flight Simulator ,this is super common as there’s tooo many things for GPU to render at once

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