[Troubleshoot] How to Fix Freezing on a Windows PC?


Hello members,

After using my PC for about five minutes after boot up, it will just completely freeze up and I literally cannot do anything. I know it freezes fully because the time in the bottom right won’t change and my mouse cursor won’t move.So please tell me what should i do to fix this issue?

I believe I had the same problem. If any audio was playing, it would stutter. Nothing would work, but the screen and PC would stay on. It normally happened with Skype opened. It happened either once a month, or 5 times in an hour.

I thought it was my HDD, but after buying an SSD and a new 1TB drive, it still happened.

I updated drivers, uninstalled programs, checked my RAM, GPU, CPU and PSU, but it still happened.

Replaced my motherboard and it hasn’t happened since.

But it might have been something else that changed due to getting a new motherboard.

Good luck.