Riot to sell League of Legends skins for COVID-19 relief. A positive initiative by Riot!


Some of League of Legends most popular characters will be getting a medical-themed makeover. There will be skins for three characters — Akali, Shen, and Kennen — along with various icons, emotes, and other cosmetic upgrades. Each item will be sold individually, but there’s also a bundle available. Riot says that the items will be available through July 23rd and that 100 percent of the proceeds from sales will go directly to the developer’s charitable arm, the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. “Your donations will directly support pandemic relief by giving doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers the resources they need to act quickly and protect those most vulnerable,” Riot said in a statement. “Money raised will also provide critical financial aid to families and individuals who’ve been negatively impacted by the virus.” The developer had previously held a 48-hour charity League of Legends stream to aid COVID-19 efforts, it has donated $4.5 million for the cause.