[Question] Will 20 pin PSU work with a 24 pin motherboard?


Hello members,

I have a PSU that I plan on using in my new build. The PSU’s ATX cable is only 20-pin, but the motherboard is 24-pin.

I found on of these johns on Newegg that converts 20 to 24, but is it really necessary? Does that converter do much at all? Is it okay to plug the 20-pin directly into the motherboard? Should I buy a new PSU?

I’m really confused on what the difference is here. Can someone help?

A motherboard MAY start with a 20 pin PSU connector - I have done that plenty of times using old PSUs with ASRock H75 and H81 mobos. BUT there are some catches:-

The extra 4 pins on the mobo, power your PCIs so if you plan to use a GPU without external power connections directly from your PSU, then you can forget it. Since this is an old PSU I doubt if it provides connectors for independent power to the GPU.

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