[Question] What's better 4x8gb vs 2x16gb modules?


Hello members,

This is my Motherboard. (Z390 ROG Maximus XI Code)

This is the ram I have. (4x8GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4 3600MHz C18)

Am I fine with 4x8GB kit or would it perform better with 2x16GB? Just need some advice!


Some motherboards have a hard time handling filled ram slots – they can be more stable when not all slots are filled, due to the additional voltage requirements.

If your system only supports dual channel, then no real reason to do 4 sticks instead of 2. The only reason I would fill all the RAM slots these days is a) quad channel config, or b) it is a workstation rig built to handle such workloads, and needs the extra RAM.

In short: if you want to overclock, go for 2x16, if not go for 4x8…

Details: In 4x8 you get dual channel and qaud rank… which is more reliable than dual channel dual rank… yes there won’t be huge noticeable difference but this is why manufacturers hai 4 slots and that is the reason you have “ranks” in memory

90% who think they will upgrade ram in pure actually don’t. And in 2years you will have DDR5 main stream, will you still upgrade just ram?

I would have preferred 4x8 personally…

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in my opinion, there wont be any noticable difference in quad channel vs dual channel, but to get quad channel you need to get very capable motherboard which does support all those features whereas for dual channel u can go with any cheap motherboard and still rock. also dual channel has more room for upgrades.

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This is late, but 4Ram sticks is not quad channel…it’s quad rank… Unless you are using a threadripper or Xeon build… Consumer motherboards and also CPUs support mostly just dual channel.