[Question] What is more important - CL or MHZ?


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Looking at memory for a friend’s build and I’m trying to decided between 3000 with a CAS of 15 and timings of 15-17-17-35 or 3200 with a CAS of 16 and timings of 16-18-18-36. How much should I look into this? Also, I will be using a Ryzen 7 2700x CPU. Thanks for anyones help.

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3200mhz at cas 16 vs 3000mhz at cas 15 is going to be indistinguishable. You might get like 1-2 FPS difference in games tops.

I think in general looking at what is actually on the market, higher clocked ram is going to be better for Ryzen than low latency ram though. Maybe things would be different if you could buy 3000mhz ram at cas 15, but that’s nowhere near the case.


Go for 3200 mhz speed it will be better
And lower latency (less than 16) are uncommon in the market (I personally search lamington road for lower latency got lucky with 8 gb 3000mhz cl14 ram after 11-12 shops)

As @Tushar22 said 3200 cl16 vs 3000cl15 won’t give any noticeable difference…
Here you can consider few things…

  1. Cost : cl15 sticks are hard to find might cost more than 3200cl16, no point in paying more for practically same performance
  2. Over clocking : again if you are over clocking rams, you can tighten the timing and increase the speed… Here you have to take the product code and search for ranks, die type and then decide based on that

Both are ver important , let’s take a crude example
There’s two guys A and B , both are assigned a task to carry boxes from one spot to another

A guy is super fast but doesn’t Handle the boxes well
B guy on the other hand is slow but know to work properly

At the end , both qualities , Being fast and Being Good at job matters , that’s where MHz and CL relation comes in

You need the speed and precision to get the job do well

Well balanced ram is what one should aim for

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