[Question] Single Fan Vs Dual Fan GPU -Does it really Matter?

Hello members,

Looking to upgrade my GPU to the 1650 4GB. Been eyeing up some single and dual fan models but I was wondering if anyone had benchmarked any performance differences? I appreciate that single fan gpu’s will get hotter faster, so I would need to maximise my airflow, but didn’t know if dual fan cards displayed any better performance? Hoping this gpu should last me 3 years ish, as I’m upgrading from my 2014 GTX 770.

Both GPU types have their own benefits and shortcomings, so you should choose one that will best meet your needs. However, if you’re looking to craft a small-form factor build, then your best choice is the single fan GPU. It will perfectly fit into your small case and provide you with sufficient cooling capacity to keep your graphics card in peak performance.

In contrast, a dual fan GPU can be your best choice if you’re planning to build a full-sized PC and need a more powerful cooling solution for your graphics card. This model will help keep your GPU cool even under heavy load, allowing you to enjoy higher overclocks, higher frame rates and overall improved system performance.