[Question] Liquid Cooling or Air Cooling?


Hello members,

What are the differences between the two? Which is best to do? Are there any risks you have to take (like the liquid leaking onto your PC or something like that) with Liquid cooling?

Liquid cooling performs better, but is more expensive and somewhat risky (leaks, bad pump, etc.).

Air cooling is cheaper, easier to install (usually), easier to maintain, and practically risk-free.

There really is no reason to get liquid cooling unless you are doing some highish-level overclocks. But several non-overclockers get it anyway for the “awesome” factor.

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Liquid cooling : if you overclock the processor, if you need some more aesthetics of RGB, have less CPU clearance, not on too tight budget but, there are chances of failure of pump over time, your cooler might be defective but you might now understand that till too late(liquid levels are not 100% it varies in from 1-10% empty), leaks(rarely happens)and life is low than Air-cooler, need to have knowledge of orientation of cooler, positioning fans, push pull configurations.

Air-cooler : ease of install, low failure points, can be available in low budget, if cooler is good enough (more pipes, better spread fins, good fan) you can overclock with a good Air-cooler too, if cooler is defective you can moreover SEE the defect, very limited orientations. Available so less confusion, better life span.

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