[Question] Is Using a Smartphone While It's Charging Dangerous?


Hello members,

Is it okay to use my phone while charging? I’m using my unit’s original charger and cable. It’s not fast charging and can feel minimal to no heat at all with protective case.

It depends on what you’re doing.

Purely conceptually, using the phone while it’s charging shouldn’t affect the battery life. It’ll just make it take a little longer to charge since it’s draining a little while being charged.

Practically speaking, however, using the phone while it’s charging can make your phone heat up. Heat is one of the factors that causes battery degradation.

So if your phone gets noticeably warm if you use it while it’s charging (or it might just get warm while charging, period), best to leave it alone to avoid shortening the battery lifespan.

Nope. Just disconnect it around 85% though. But if you are playing a heavy game then try to avoid it but even that can’t have any bad repercussions in most of the cases though.

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