[Question] Is upgrading from PS4 Pro to PS5 really worth it?

Hello members,

I see so many posts comparing ps4 to ps5 and how much times faster is it. But no-one is interested in comparing ps4 pro. What about the people who are playing AAA games like rdr2, gow etc in their beautiful high end 4k tvs like OLED at 4k @30 fps. Is it gonna be a big upgrade for these users?

There is no doubt that between these two consoles, the PS5 is superior in nearly every aspect. With far more advanced technology and the ability to play your old PS4 games, it’s an easy choice. For anyone who hasn’t upgraded this generation to a PS4 (or Xbox One) yet and is looking for a more affordable gaming experience, I’d recommend the PS4 Pro then, because the PS5 is sure to be expensive.