[Question] How to clean the inside of PS4?


Hello members,

So basically I want to clean the inside of my PS4 pro, however I’m not very tech savvy at all. I remember taking my ps2 apart to clean it and ended up ruining it when I was 12 and I’m nervous to try that again.

The console is probably 2 and a half years old and has been collecting whatever dog cat and human hair and any dust it can. Because of this it now sound like a Harley is in my living room when I’m playing some auto-saving games and during high quality segments.

I was hoping there is a simple solution that doesn’t involve taking the system apart but whatever advise will be helpful.

Thanks in advance

The PS4 Pro actually has a user removable top cover (no screws), find any youtube video on this, use a compressed air can/blower to easily clean it on the inside, and use a toothbrush on the side air vents.

To keep it clean only option I see if using a top cloth cover like the ones used on cars, they are sold everywhere online.