[Question] Dual Processor Motherboard?


Hello members,

I was wondering what everyones thoughts were on dual cpu motherboards. I use windows for audio production, and currently have an asus x570 and ryzen 3900x. Would love if it were possible to upgrade to a dual socket motherboard with the same features as the x570 and have two ryzen 3900x. Any info and insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Dual socket systems have issues with latency between CPU Cores and either won’t let an application use more than 1 CPU or requires the application to specifically support multiple CPUs.

For desktop use cases it is recommended to just get a better CPU (ex. Threadripper) then to use dual CPUs. The 3990x for example has 64 cores for only Rs339,999

If you absolutely need dual socket you should get server processors (ex. Epyc) and server motherboards.

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