[Question] Can I Use a TV as a PC Monitor?


Hello members,

Like the tittle suggests I’m getting a new computer destined for gaming. But currently I cannot afford to buy a new monitor for it and until now I’ve been playing with a laptop so I didn’t use to need one. I’m thinking of using my TV as a monitor for my computer, but wanted some experienced people’s opinion on that, if I should or shouldn’t since I’ve read both it will make a huge difference as I’ve read also it wont.

Thanks in advance guys!

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You could, but you won’t have the same experience the two. The panel technology on TVs is not nearly the same as on monitors.

The television refresh rate will likely be dramatically lower then the monitor - also, be aware that television manufacturers can be deceptive in their refresh rate numbers. They use software tricks to simulate 120hz.

TV’s have much higher input lag than a traditional monitor. There is a lot of tech and image processing to make the image look nice, which is good for watching stuff, but not so good for playing stuff. Most newer TVs have a “game mode” which disables some, but not all, of that stuff.

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Tushar gave you reasons why you shouldn’t, here are few why you can use it.

Yes you might already have a 4k 55" TV wit game mode… and getting that level of monitor is real cost…
And if you have a nice TV you might use the surround sound system or nice sound bar with it…
If you are casual gamer and love to experience the graphics and storyline rather than competitive gaming you can afford small lag…

So you can get a nice experience, but if you are serious gamer, avoid that…


For casual purpose like watching YouTube channel & movies, TV of any size is good to go but for professional or semi-professional purpose, I suggest proper monitor with refresh rates should be there.

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Yes you can. Make sure it does run at 60Hz. I have used a VU 4k tv for 3 years as my only monitor. But yeah it can terribly suck at gaming if you really want to do more than casual.

i do use my 22inch lg tv 1366 by 768 res as my daily driver monitor for my pc
just the pixels are a bit large
so i usually keep the tv almost 40cm far from my eyes

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