[Question] Are More RAM Modules Better for Gaming?

Hello members,

I just got the Ryzen 5 3600 last month. I want to upgrade my memory from 16 GB to 32 GB. I have a ROG B450-F MB, with the latest bios updates. For an average game player, does it make a difference if I use 2 sticks or 4? I have the latest info from ASUS on the memory that works on it, but I am also looking at User Benchmark and PCpartpicker for successful results. Any help is appreciated, since 2x16GB sets are less expensive than 4x8GB sets, across the board.

Two is better than one because of dual channel. 4 sticks is also dual channel (2x2). There’s a whole mess about single rank and dual rank that can make 2 or 4 better than the other at the same clocks/timings, but don’t worry about that too much unless you’re gunning for benchmark records.

Answer to this question is siper tricky
Let’s firstly see how ram affects your game (quantity wise)

This is going to be a bit long

Let’s say you play a certain game at certain settings that sucks up 8gb stick whole
At this point your system is barely working (bsod in sometime) due to ram being under intense load , this is the point where you’ll face constant fps drops , higher frame times

Now you upgrade your ram to 16gb and play the same game at the same settings , the 8gb ram consumption would increase to 10-12gb (just an idea) now as you have enough quantity , you won’t suffer fps loss or higher frame time

Now youu upgrade that to 32gb , same game same settings , but your extra ram isn’t exactly being utilised at max your game would Stretch itself to 15gb , there’s a chance that you might see fps drops depending on your modules as more modules create more delay

If you went Dual rank Dual channel u shouldn’t face any issues (2 ram sticks)

If you went single rank but populated all Dimms , you might see some issues here and there which are / aren’t noticable

How to get good fps with extra ram?

  1. Know the type of game you play , the settings and ram consumption
  2. Choose enough quantity to suffice the game and still have a few Gigabytes of space
  3. Lastly buy a good pair of ram with balanced timings and frequency and enough quantity

Would really appreciate people’s responses and corrections