[Question] Acrylic vs Tempered Glass PC Case - Which One is better?

Hello members,

I don’t know whether I should choose acrylic or tempered glass. Because I like a case with acrylic but glass is better! I don’t know which to choose! Also if anybody has any other good case ideas then feel free to list them.

But on a side note, I know that the tempered glass is good and all, but I don’t like the air vent on the top of the case for the NZXT S340 case.

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Pros: lighter, cheaper, easier to replace, doesn’t shatter into a billion tiny shards that go everywhere, available in different thicknesses, easier to cut

Cons: scratches easier, is prone to warping at temperature (uncommon, but still a thing to consider), can’t be anti-static treated with ease (dust-wise at least)

Tempered glass:-

Pros: Clearer, easier to clean and can use dust repellent substances to treat it, fairly hard to scratch

Cons: heavier, more expensive, more fragile than acrylic, harder to cut (requires specialized tools), requires more work on finishing edges (which, in turn, requires more tools), shatters into billions of tiny pieces that WILL cut you.

Tempered glass!! cause it looks nice and adds a premium look…its delicate, agreed,l! but so is the whole pc…so a tinted glass on my pc is what i would go for rather than a light feeling piece of plastic.

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