NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 leaked


A picture of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 has been found online. Videocardz gave an argument that the card is a prototype or an engineering sample. So, final retail units may look different from this picture. Also, there can be a possibility that the image can be a fake one. The card has an unusual design. While there are two fans, they are placed on opposite sides. The PCB also appears to have an irregular shape, as @cloudol and Videocardz have attempted to show. The card also carries the identifier DA217892. One potential specification of the card came from @kopite7kimi, who has a history of providing accurate NVIDIA leaks. According to them, NVIDIA may have based the RTX 3080 on the GA102-200 GPU. Additionally, the card could have up to 4,352 CUDA cores, 10 GB of VRAM, and a 320-bit bus. If any of that is true, then the RTX 3080 has the makings of a compelling card.NVIDIA is expected to release its first RTX 3000 series cards in Q3 2020.

Credits: www.notebookcheck.net/