Mixer Platform Shutting Down July 2020


Mixer, the streaming platform from Microsoft which recently acquired popular streamers like Ninja and shroud from Twitch, has announced that the popular service will be closed down in one month’s time. After that time, Mixer will be fully acquired by Facebook Gaming and will become one of the largest Twitch competitors. With the closing of Mixer on July 22nd, all visitors to Mixer streams will be redirected to Facebook Gaming. If you were already a Mixer Partner, that channel status will carry over to Facebook Gaming. Partners like Shroud and Ninja, who left Twitch when they made deals to stream exclusively with Mixer, will “be granted partner status with Facebook Gaming, and the platform will honor and match all existing Partner agreements as closely as possible,” according to a post on Mixer’s blog.

Credits: wccftech.com

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Amazon is also coming up with its own Streaming Platform, battle of the Titans will take place soon.

hope they are not like mixer who just invested a lot in start and then did nothing for the platform