Is NR200 worth?

I am working on designing on my own case , but yes the inspiration of this thought was smallest possible and nice performing case for MATX form factor, just like NR200 is for ITX.

Few days back I found that NR200 can fit MATX motherboard and ITX PSU with minor mod here

Also found that with some more modifications, somebody has fit a full ATX motherboard too in the same here.

So I registered for the preorder of NR200 (without knowing actual price in India) even though I have just got an MATX motherboard.

What I want to know from our community is, is it worth trying the mod for MATX? Is anybody else interested in ITX ? So that if I get the case and I think it needs little more modification than my liking for the case I can pass on the case. Obviously without hurting any original pieces of the case.

Looking at the size of the case, is it worth trying such small MATX system?