Indian Scammers

  1. Goutam Shil

hi I was dealing with this number +91 70260 29093 so should I he doesnโ€™t look like a scam

Is he a member of our HardwareMana Community?

no i was saying is he scam

As reported by the community nationwide, do not deal with these contact numbers:
+91 73531 69717
+91 74061 44402
+1 (872) 401-5103
+91 97905 86075
+91 80995 01744
+91 96780 94883
+1 (559) 657-6339
+91 60024 99816
+91 70260 29093

Case 1
Mr. Goutam Shil 9774429945

The following message has been shared at our whatsapp group:

Hey Everyone.
one of our techmates has encountered with this guy for a GTX 1060.
Mr Gautam has scammed him and disappeared after the payment 
Kindly Get back with the leads you all have!

Anyone dealing with him over OLX or FB or Instagram or anywhere else just drop it. It might be a         

This is his
Original number
It is in his gpay and adhaar
He blocked incoming for it

He is From Agartala

Lets show him the power of a tech Community.
Spam him with phonecalls and messages with a request to refund the money he took from Mr Neeraj

+91 93915 56677 Help Neeraj with any leads you Have

Saab bachke reho bhai ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป


Did do make the deal

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