G.Skill's new 16 GB memory modules at a tremendous frequency of 4400 MHz


After the launch of Intel’s Z490 platform, G.Skill is introducing a series of new memory kits based on 8 and 16 GB modules. The new kits are coming out in the Trident Z Royal design, which is some of the shiniest memory modules in the market currently. The kits are all made with Samsung B-die IC’s and have CL17-18-18-38 timings, with frequencies ranging from 4000 to 4400 MHz. The lower end of the spectrum will require 1.4 V to operate, with the faster kits demanding slightly more at 1.5 V.

Kit Capacity Frequency Voltage CL Timing
8 GB x2, 8 GB x4, 16 GB x2 4000 MHz 1.40 V CL17
8 GB x2, 16 GB x2 4133 MHz 1.45 V CL17
8 GB x2, 16 GB x2 4266 MHz 1.50 V CL17
8 GB x2, 16 GB x2 4400 MHz 1.50 V CL17

We don’t have any news on the pricing yet but these modules won’t be cheap.

Credits: www.TomsHardware.com