Find the price of unreleased cards using US newegg's price filter

3080 Pricing as of now based on Newegg system workaround listed above

Subject to change:

$850 Asus strix

$810 Evga FTW3 ULTRA

$790 Evga FTW3

$770 Evga XC ULTRA

$760 MSI Gaming X Trio

$750 Evga XC Gaming
| Asus Tuf OC
| Gigabyte Gaming OC

$740 MSI Ventus 3x OC

$730 Evga XC Black
| Gigabyte Eagle OC

$720 Zotac Trinity

$700 Asus Tuf
| MSI Ventus 3x

Credit to reddit user - DolphinsInMechs

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