Confused between two Monitors

I will be buying a new monitor during upcoming sale and came down to selecting one from these two:
LG 27GL850 (1440p 144z IPS Panel)
LG 27GN750 ( 1080p 240z IPS Panel)

I am confused between these two. I will be gaming & streaming and will be editing videos for Youtube.

Also, i will be upgrading my GPU next year to 3080.

Your suggestions are most welcome.

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in my opinion, go for 1440p 144z monitor.
my reason is the 240z refresh rate is pure overkill, you wont be getting those fps in most games (not even with 3080 on 1080p in new games). 1440p will be the new default standard very soon, and it is where the 3080 will truly shine, and as overall still 60fps is still sweet spot for most games, so 144z will be far better choice. like if you can not get over 200fps from games, there is not much point of 240z.
but if you are planning on playing like csgo or some lightweight games which can stay over 240fps and you are real competitve gamer, than 1080p 240z can be better choice.
myself i will go with 1440p anyday.