[Buying Suggestion] Which PSU should I buy out of these?


Hello members,

I am tight on budget and I have these options in my budget. I know the options aren’t really good but I have to choose one out of these. The build is a ryzen 2600 with rx 580

FSP Hyper K 600W
Thermaltake Smart SE 530W
Thermaltake Litepower 650W
Cooler Master - MasterWatt Lite 230V 600W
Antec VP600P
Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W 80 Plus
Corsair VS Series VS550.

Go for Corsair CX500

One option you might consider is MWE 550 V2, it will be enough for config and even if you upgrade to better CPU and GPU it will support well
Additional better thing it has is variable fan speed, spins slower or faster depending on need and flat cable are really useful for better cable management.

If going for others please check 80plus ratings if it’s white, bronze, silver, gold, etc… if no rating avoid… also thermaltake support I personally don’t trust, reasons, will let you know if you need, not wasting your time here .:blush:

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