[Buying Suggestion] How much to spend?

Hello :wave: everyone and greetings. I have building a new gaming pc build but I do not know how much to spend to my first peripherals like keyboard, gaming mouse specifically and headset since I have a monitor so I do not want the montior. I have another question that whether the mechanical keyboard are with buying in India because in every mechanical keyboard ranging from 2000 to 5000 atleast have one review of after 2-3 months usage the backlight or the key is broken…So I am worried because it would be my first buying experience.

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Keyboard could be either gigabyte k83 which is magically available right now or the ant esports mk3200. I have personally used these and reviewed these so in their price segment they are excellent.
Wired mouse the Logitech g402 is at an excellent price these days and is a great mouse for the price.
Backlit keys will be repaired or replaced under warranty from any of these manufacturers.


Thank you sir.But what about the headphones , as a suggestion could you suggest such a one.

What’s your budget for headphones? Usually, corsair and hyperx are good.