[Buying Suggestion] Good Case for Water Cooling?

Hello members,

I am going to build a water cooling rig soon, and currently have a Corsair Carbide Air 740. While this is very, very sufficient, I may need something with a smaller footprint.

I plan on installing a 360 mm rad in the front of the case and a 240 mm rad on the top and a GPU water block… can you think of any cases that are Rs 16k and under that would fit my needs?

Thank you, guys and gals!

The case you choose really comes down to personal preference. Before you buy, just check the internal dimensions of the case to make sure everything will fit and maybe look at a few reviews.

Personally, I quite like the Lian-Li PC-001 Dynamic but there is no shortage of options on the market and 2nd option is Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX.

It’s worth saying that a single 360 rad will probably do for a CPU+GPU loop and you may not need that extra 240 rad.

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