[Buying Suggestion] Dolby Digital vs Dolby Atmos which one is best for home theater?


Hello members,

I want to buy surround sound system like (5.1,7.1 etc) for watching movies on my smart tv but i am confuse between dolby atmos and dolby digital which one is better dolby atmos speakers or dolby digital.

The difference mainly lies in the number of audio channels it can handle and the technology around it. Dolby Digital cannot go beyond six channels of audio - which is still the most commonly used format (5.1 surround ) in all the theatres. It started off as an option to print a digital sound track on 35mm film prints. Now with film prints barely in existence, this is used for mostly all other types of digital distribution.

Dolby Atmos is an upgrade over the existing 5.1/7.1 setup in the sense that it offers a 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 channel layout where the 2/4 are overhead speakers. It is an object-based surround panning system where it can handle up to 128 audio tracks and makes the localization of sound far more accurate and realistic. It provides a truly immersive experience.