[Buying Suggestion] Can somebody suggest a good Microphone for Streaming?


Hello members,

I’ve been watching a lot of reviews to get a new microphone to start streaming. I think the HyperX Quadcast sounds amazing, but I’ve also seen that a XLR like the SM48 sound just as good and it’s probably half the price. Should I go for the XLR or just buy the Quadcast. (I live in a noisy environment) I accept recommendations!

I recommend the Samson Q2U for beginners. You can use it as a USB mic in the beginning, and then once you are ready to expand, use it as an XLR mic.

Hey Tushar, I didn’t find the one, but on Amazon it’s way too expensive! Please provide any best buy link!

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Budget: Maono /fifine ~3-3.5k

Else Hyperx Solocast/ Razer Siren mini ~ 5K

If price is not an issue then go for Blue Yeti/ Hyperx quadcast etc

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