[Buying Suggestion] Best 1 Ton Split Inverter AC


Hello members,

So I recently moved from Pune to Gwalior and its hot here!

Thats why Ive decided to buy an AC. It would be very helpful if you guys recommended a good model based on the parameters Ive set below.

•My budget is ₹30k.

•I definitely want a split AC.

• I want an AC that has good energy savings, so ideally a 3 star inverter AC

•The AC is for a relatively small room (not sure about the exact area) so the AC should have a capacity of 1 ton.

•The after sales service from the company should be good and it would be all the better if stuff like installation charges etc would be free. Also, it would be nice if the AC had a long warranty

•It would also be nice if there are extras like heating, various filters (for odour etc), control through mobile app etc. However, all this stuff is not necessary, ultimately what Im looking for is cooling performance, efficiency and energy savings.

Also a few questions:

What other features should I look out for? What should I try to avoid? Should I get an inverter AC or a 5 star AC? (Ive read that a 5 star one is better than an inverter AC)

Thanks in advance for your help guys!

  1. Samsung 1 ton 3 star (AR12TG3BBWK).

  2. Panasonic 1 ton 3 star (CS/CU-RU12XKY).