[Buying Suggestion] 2k vs 4k Resolution: Which Should I Choose?


Hello members,

I’m at a cross road. I recently pulled my gaming PC off my 4k OLED TV and moved it to my 1080p monitors to use the computer for work. Problem is, the downgrade is visuals is bad so I’m thinking of upgrading my monitors.

I don’t know if I should go with 2k or 4k though. What are your thoughts? I’m torn between higher refresh rate 2k monitors or just 60hz 4k monitors.

PC Specs:

i5 8600
2080 TI
32GB ram

I would go 1440p because 144hz is much better experience than 4k @60, now i’m not sure if there are any 4k 144hz monitors, if they do exist i bet they are expensive af so still not worth it, this is just my opinion.

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Depends on your purpose

For Gaming:
2k with high refresh rate is the way to go… I don’t know what config your system is, but you won’t get many games that can run that smooth on 4k, also high refresh rate can give you some advantage in gaming, 4k @60hz just gives you a lil better visual experience…

For productivity:
For purpose like video editing or any digital art, better color reproduction should be criteria, and if you are getting same color reproduction in both 2k and 4k… 4k is way to go, with little tweek you will get better virtual reality estate to work.