[Buying Advice] Mini itx motherboards advice

Hey guys I am confused between two mini itx motherboards :sweat_smile:

  1. msi b450i
  2. gigabyte b450i

I am buying a b450 is because I won’t upgrade my processor until 2 years plus I want to build a sff “small form factor” build
Which is better in features, thermals and long term support ???

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Well @Kunal_Panjabi both the options seems to be competitive.

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Yea , I am leaning towards gigabyte cause my graphic card is also of gigabyte but wanna know the difference between them there should be some minor

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For VRMs,MSI is recommended… But it has 1 unconventional thing, M.2 slot is behind the Mobo… Depending on what case you have it might have some heating issue…

Else most parts both are almost identical… if you have the case with tempered glass you can go for more aesthetic one…