[Buying Advice] Corsair CH-9301011-AP Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse Feedback please

Hello members,
Kindly share feedback for Corsair CH-9301011-AP Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse please. Advance thanks!!


Best mouse under 2000 and i m also using it no complaint

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Its one awesome mouse i personally use g502 hero but i have this for my brother and he love it and to be honest the rgb on this mouse is better then my g502 so go for it you wont regret it

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Thanks for the feedback member @NOPE_DESIGNS, I gave you a LIKE :blush:

Hey there, i have been using this mouse for 3 years… only had problem once with multi clicking. Fixed by one of the hardwaremana community member. Rest the mouse works great. Multiple Dpi settings. Dedicated software for mouse. Comfortable grip. 10/10 will recommend.

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Nice to see your feedback member @Gaffy :+1: