AMD motherboards may shorten CPU lifespan


Your motherboard may be silently killing your Ryzen processor faster than expected without you having any knowledge about it. HWinfo introduced a new feature today which exposes that some X570 motherboard vendors are misreporting key measurements to AMD’s Ryzen processors, thus boosting performance, as a result of this chip draws more power and generates more heat thus reducing the lifespan of the chip. This tactic is similar to overclocking but at the stock settings. It’s a practice for motherboard vendors to adjust the chip’s stock power limits to get more performance from a processor, thus positioning their motherboards faster than the competition. Nearly every motherboard vendor makes adjustments with Intel’s chips, but there’s a big difference that Intel approves and encourages motherboard vendors to adjust power limits and those adjustments don’t impact chip. But that is not the case with the AMD chips as the method used by some motherboard vendors to boost performance on X570 motherboards consists of willfully misrepresenting power consumption that is assigned to operate at normal stock settings. AMD does not sanction this practice thus reducing the lifespan of the chip.


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