A Unique passive CPU Cooler but check out its price!

If you’re into fanless CPU coolers, you’ll love this gem that FanlessTech recently discovered. According to the product description, the base of the heatsink is fabricated with 3D printing. The merchant offers a choice of four different materials for what appears to be the base of the cooler. The steel, aluminum and bronze models cost $1,828.42, $2,437.91 and $5,485.30, respectively. The most expensive model, which is made of copper, which costs you $7,313.73 (around Rs. 5,35,000). The base is attached to four stacks that consist of small metal balls of different proportions. The seller claims that the very large surface-area-to-volume ratio helps absorb and dissipate the heat quicker. There doesn’t seem to be any heat pipes, which raises the question of how it transfers the heat to the balls. The seller doesn’t mention which sockets are supported. The product description suggests an Intel platform and processors up to Core i7 SKUs.Apparently, the CPU cooler is a prototype, but it’s available for order. The estimated manufacturing time is within 10 to 12 weeks from the moment of the order.

Credits: www.tomshardware.com